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"Martha Cooney is a storyteller's storyteller—hilarious, endlessly inventive, and able to deliver such immense satisfaction and delight with every twist and turn. Her life experiences run the gamut from hilarious to heartwarming and everything in between and always absolutely unforgettable. These stories must be read to be believed!"

R. Eric Thomas, national bestselling author of Here for It, or How to Save Your Soul in America

At what point does a resume go from well-rounded to bizarre? Martha Cooney has spent her life trying to make ends meet in the gig economy, but each job seems to end in calamity. The used napkin she steals from an NFL player during a waitress shift comes back to haunt her. Her run-down sedan is overtaken by phone books when—surprise—nobody wants them in the 21st century. And when Irish immigration catches her trying to skirt their labor laws, her outfit is all wrong. A pawn shop experience goes south, a date turns into a knife fight, and a pet duck's virginity hangs in the balance. How wild is her resume going to get?

This collection of laugh-out-loud true stories follows Martha as she battles nanny cams, Ivy Leaguers, and the IRS, all while holding up a mirror to everyone dreaming of bigger things while on the daily grind. From Philadelphia to New York to Los Angeles and back again, will her search for answers lead to success—or into a dead end in IKEA?

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